Access to the best
IT talent worldwide

Qlick offers a comprehensive solution for recruitment and staffing. We hire the best IT talent worldwide, take care of payroll, and are always compliant with local laws and regulations.

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What Qlick can offer your business

The best IT professionals

Quality global recruitment and staffing to find the perfect match for your IT vacancy. Our remote talent currently works in 18 countries. Geographic location is no longer a boundary to hiring top talent; it’s all about match quality!

Risk-free hiring

Using our unique Remote & Relocate approach, our clients can extensively assess a new hire during a remote period. After this period, Qlick can relocate the resource to join the client’s payroll as a permanent employee.

Visa and work permits

While remote working is ideal for some of our partners, other partners require onsite placement. Qlick can sponsor visas and work permits in the Netherlands.

Certification and compliance

We take care of payroll worldwide and always comply with local laws and regulations. Qlick is fully regulated by the Labor Market Regulation Association in the Netherlands.

Your staffing partner

Recruitment and staffing without boundaries

Qlick provides its clients access to the best talent worldwide. We find you the most suitable matches. Our recruiters are always up to date with the latest requirements and developments within the IT sector. Qlick has a database of nearly 60,000 excellent IT professionals who can help your company achieve tremendous success.


Get the best tax advantages

Highly skilled expats with specific expertise can get a 30% tax break in the Netherlands. Qlick has extensive experience with these applications and will take care of this for you.



Why our partners work with us

Remote & Relocate approach

Trust Qlick to compliantly hire, pay, and manage your remote team in 150 countries. We also offer extensive relocation services and can sponsor your talent in the Netherlands.